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How Meditation Can And Can't Help You

Most of us are on one side of the fence about meditation. Either it can save you and help with all of your issues, or it can't possibly cure what's going on in your life. You're both right. Let me get you on that fence rather than choosing a side.

It's important to first understand that meditation is not a cure, it is a tool. One of many that should be in your tool box when dealing with whatever issues you may be going through.

Meditation can help to relax the body, calm the autonomic system, and rewire the neurological system. Whatever diagnosis or life stressor you may be dealing with, meditation is a great tool to help us when we need it, and most of us do.

What meditation is not, is a cure. By itself it will most likely not reverse the medical condition you've been dealing with or change your situation at work that's been driving the stress bus for you. Meditation needs to be used in adjunct with everything else that brings us to a well rounded, healthy life. This includes finding what nutrition works for our bodies, working on our mindset (which can be a form of meditation as well), improving our sleep cycles, finding the work and living environment that works well for us, exercising as tolerated and as needed, and finding our purpose in life.

That's it. Easy. Right?

We all have an algorithm to life that works for us. The factors are the same, but how they work into the equation is very different. Meditation is one small factor of a large equation.

So find some time to factor in meditation with your whole heart into it. Once the benefits of meditation settle in and start to take effect, see what other factors you can adjust to balance your equation. Is there room for improvement in nutrition? Is it time to look for a new job? Have you been getting to bed at a consistent time?

So, even though meditation isn't the cure-all some claim it to be, it is most certainly a vital component to our overall health and mental well-being. Finding some form of meditation that works for each individual and the amount of time that is needed to address our personal issues should be on all of our to-do lists. If you haven't taken up the daily practice of meditation, start thinking about it. And even though we preach on daily meditation practices, time is just a construct, right? So consistency is more important than "daily". Get into a habit and make it work for you.

Stay tuned for a few more blog posts coming up on benefits of and types of meditation.



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