Telehealth Appointments

Updated for Covid-19 changes. Please read thoroughly for all of our options!

What are we currently offering with Covid-19 restrictions in place?

Our office has been offering telehealth services since we opened, and we have found it to be very beneficial for many, especially our specialty clients with hEDS & our endurance athletes. With our doors closing, along with many others around the world, we highly recommend finding a telehealth provider to continue your care if you need to! Here is what we are offering for telehealth while we have restrictions in place, until we re-open our physical doors:

  • Pay-as-you-can virtual Physical Therapy appointments to those in Colorado with a diagnosis of EDS

  • Virtual Physical Therapy appointments to those in Colorado without a diagnosis of EDS for $50/30 minutes

  • Virtual Health and Wellness appointments (especially recommended for those with EDS and our endurance athletes) wherever you may be located for $50/30 minutes

To set up a virtual appointment for physical therapy (with or without EDS), please email us at to coordinate a time. Please be aware our pay-as-you-can spots will be limited to a few a day. They are first come, first served.

To set up a virtual appointment for health and wellness, simply click here to book a "virtual" 30 minute health and wellness or EDS consultation appointment.

***Charges are only submitted after the appointment ends and price adjustments will be made at that point.***

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, tele appointments, or virtual appointments are appointments with a health provider over a secure platform where you, as the client, can remain in your home, on vacation, or with your kids. Telehealth appointments continue to provide quality one-on-one care through a video or phone format, depending on the comfort of the client and availability of technology. You are still working directly with your provider, but in a more convenient set-up for many.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth can be a very convenient option for many. Not only does it allow the client to not have to manage travel time and adjusting schedules, but it can open up the provider's time to allow more scheduling options as well. We personally don't mind children joining us or you finding a comfortable position on a couch or bed.

This platform can also create more accessibility to specialists willing to perform telehealth. Many patients may be unable to drive a few hours to a specialist's office. However, if they offer telehealth, they are able to treat a much larger population that can benefit from their help.

What do we treat with Telehealth?

We continue to work within our specialties within telehealth as well and we can perform a good deal of in office services via a telehealth platform. Here are some of the appointments offered by our providers:

Tom offers the following telehealth appointments:

  • Endurance Injury Consultations

  • Endurance Health and Wellness Consultations

Dr. Patty offers the following telehealth appointments:

  • EDS health and wellness consultation

How do these Telehealth appointments work?

We have made it simple to use our scheduling service to make a "virtual" appointment. Chose from provider or type of service and select the amount of time for your appointment. Once you chose, if you are a new patient, you will have to enter some information for us so we have a file within our system that you can access later on and a platform to pay with.

We use a secure video platform through our medical records program to hold our sessions. If you wish to not have video involved, please let us know when making the appointment and we will simply call you at your scheduled appointment time. With our regular video platform, you will get an email invitation at the start of the appointment time to simply click on and log in to the session.  Our platform is HIPAA compliant.

As with all of our consultations, we create notes for the sessions, inclusive of any recommendations given, within your chart. This usually takes some additional time to complete for the provider after the session, and we ask for your patience of about 24-48 business hours to be able to access your note within your chart. As with all of our appointments, we do not deal with insurance, and all appointments will be cash-based and charged at the end of the session to the credit card on file. If requested, a super-bill can be provided to submit to your insurance company. We do not work with insurance companies in any way. Superbills provided are not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company. From past experience, our services are usually only covered by Health Savings Accounts.

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