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Personalized Coaching Plans

This Isn't your Ordinary Cookie-Cutter Coaching Plan - This is LEGIT!

When we first started racing post-collegiately, we were our own coaches.  While this works for many, it's often difficult to step outside of your own comfort zone.  It's hard to find accountability for morning workouts.  Recycled templates and workouts from books & magazines get old.  Enter your own personal coach.  Say "bye" to mass-programmed workouts & welcome individualized workouts tailored to your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  A proper coach can help steer you away from chronic overuse injuries and burnout.  In the endurance sports, arguably the most important factor is consistency.  We'll keep you going, progressing, and evolving as a human athlete.

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Programming, like what is shown above, is delivered through TrainingPeaks, and coaching plans include a Premium coach-paid membership to TrainingPeaks.

See What Our Athletes are Saying...

As a mountain athlete, I had always been self-trained, working by “feel” and trying to cobble together information from the internet. After a few years, my performance plateaued, and I found myself dealing with chronic soft-tissue injuries and under-performances on big days. Then I met Tom. His deep physiological knowledge, couple with a holistic and performance-driven approach to my goals, has made me not only a better runner and climber, but a better person. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true. Tom’s attention to detail and full customization of my daily training has formed me into a mountain machine. And his gratitude exercises, usually coupled with mobility work on a rest day, have helped me reframe priorities and strengthen relationships in my life. I cannot recommend Coach Stott’s services more strongly. 

Connor K.

“I started working with Conrad in preparation for the Boston marathon. After a career of running, which included many injuries, highs and lows, I wanted to find a coach that would guide me to new levels. The first few weeks of working with Conrad, I was running a bit less than I wanted to and was getting antsy. All that changed once I bought into his system. Soon enough, I was running workouts I would have never dreamed of doing. Stresses from life outside of running contributed to a rough road, but Conrad stayed with me throughout it all, and I was able to finish the season strong with a fast Boston marathon. Conrad is professional, caring, knowledgeable, and funny. If you're looking to go to the next level, or engage the sport in a different way than what you're used to and find out what you're capable of, Conrad is the coach!”

Brendan O.

After having my 2nd daughter, I decided to hire Tom as my coach for my return to marathoning. I have the highest praise for Tom and am grateful for the opportunity to be coached by him. I have learned a great deal about myself as a runner and what I am capable of since working with him in 2019.


Tom designs a detailed plan specially tailored to my running goals and busy lifestyle. He has also encouraged me to try new things, like yoga and cycling, which have been amazing for cross training purposes. I like how easily accessible he is through the training peaks app, as well as by phone or email. Tom is very knowledgeable about runners as a whole. He has been working with me to improve upon some health issues that I have been experiencing. I have also done physical therapy with Tom in the past.


I cannot recommend Tom enough, whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out on your running journey.

Alanna M.

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