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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right provider for me?

Dr. Patty works to improve overall health and wellness of the individual which takes participation from both parties. This is a relationship that will grow, we do not consider ourselves a one-and-done appointment clinic. There is much to explore together, improve upon, and modify to work toward long term goals. Our goal is to work on those long term goals which typically takes some time, and then be available to help spot treat things that come up as needed in the future.

Do you accept insurance?

We are a cash pay office at Elevation Wellness. We had previously tried to work with some insurances, but this was not sustainable with a small practice to be able to devote time to patients as well. We also do not converse in any way with insurances. We can provide a receipt or superbill upon request, but we are unable to provide itemized receipts. 

Does Elevation Wellness only see patients with HSD/EDS?

While our caseload is primarily HSD/EDS patients at about 95%, we do welcome those that are interested in our services. We specialize in treating the highly sensitive patient that may have had difficulty finding relief with other modalities. Dr. Patty also works with martial artists, yogis, and gymnasts.

Do I need a consultation or treatment appointment?

We always recommend a consultation appointment as a first visit for our more complicated patients to be able to learn more about the whole picture of the patient. Consultation appointments are a sit-down-to-talk appointment to learn all the things a patient may be dealing with that can affect the physical presentation. Consultations are helpful to hash out health and wellness issues the client is dealing with and come up with action strategies to work on those issues. Treatment sessions are hands on sessions to work on the physical body.

Can I email questions I may have?

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to be a concierge service for our patients. Dr. Patty attempts to include all of the pertinent information for the patient to work on within the notes that are made available to the patient within a few days of the appointment. If there are questions regarding past appointments with information Dr. Patty has not included within the notes, our clients can reach out and let us know. Any questions that expand on appointment topics or include new information should be asked within a scheduled appointment session. We do not answer questions about pharmaceutical medication as this is outside the scope of our practice. Tom manages the emails that we receive at Elevation Wellness and as he is working by day as a science teacher, will only be able to respond to emails once a week. Our email response days will typically be on Mondays. 

Can I call first with questions?

Tom handles all of our upfront calls within the office. Many patients do want to talk with Dr. Patty first, but she is unable to comment on any personal health issues unless she has reviewed the patient's full past medical history. Every patient is very different. Tom is able to answers questions to determine if the client is a good fit with our treatment approaches.

I've been given a diagnosis of HSD/EDS, can you send me a list of your referrals in the area?

Not every patient needs every specialist and not every practitioner is the right fit. For this reason, Dr. Patty only makes referrals if the person is a current patient and there is a particular provider needed for a certain presentation. This is made on an individual basis. We do have a provider page with some of the specialists we work with (click here to be directed to that page).

How often are patients typically seen?

This very much comes down to the individual. Typically the maximum we see a patient for "treatment" sessions is once a week, and more likely we will see a patient 2 x a month, working to wean off of services when appropriate. Our consultations may start out 2x a month, but after things are investigated, and plans are initiated, this spreads out into an appointment every 4-6 weeks or longer.

Can Dr. Patty order imaging?

Dr. Patty has a relationship with Upright MRI of Centennial. She orders imaging for upright cervical and lumbar MRIs, occasionally thoracic. This does not guarantee payment of services for the patient. The patient must discuss coverage with their insurance company and Upright MRI of Centennial. This is only available to current patients for which the issue has been investigated with previous appointments. 

Can you send my notes to my doctor?

Our system allows the patient to print out notes that they may bring to doctors' appointments. We ask our patients to please take on this responsibility as they have full accessibility to their notes and we do not have an office staff to easily provide these services.

How do I cancel an appointment?

We ask that our patients ONLY use the on-line portal to make and cancel appointments. Please do not call the office to have us change or cancel an appointment. The system allows the patient to do this easily without calling in. We do have a strict cancelation policy. Please read more here.

Do you provide accommodation letters?

Yes we do. This must start with a consultation to establish care as this is only for current patients within the office. Appointment fees apply along with a $75 per hour charge for work on the letter outside of appointment time. Typically time spent is between 3-7 hours depending on the depth of information needed.

Will my treatment sessions be 60 full minutes of manual work?

Each appointment starts with varied check-in times depending on questions the patient may have, or any changes in health status since the last appointment session that needs to be discussed. We ask that sessions that require more discussion time be converted into a consultation session. The hands-on time will be the remainder of time left within the one hour session. Typical hands on time ranges from 45-50 minutes of the one hour session.

How do I get on the Waitlist for an appointment?

Follow the instructions on this video to put yourself on the Waitlist for an appointment with Dr. Patty

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