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EDS Related Appointments

We are currently closed to new patients while we focus on our current zebras. We highly recommend signing up for the email subscription (located on the bottom of the home page) to be alerted of when the schedule opens for future months. All scheduling is done by the patient. Those signing up as new patients are encouraged to set up follow up appointments as well, to avoid a wait after their initial consultation. If appointments are unavailable, please use the "join the waitlist" feature on our booking site as we do fill cancellation spots when they occur.


If you are a new patient and know you would like to see Dr. Patty when the schedule opens up again, please email Tom at: Info@ElevationWellness.CO, and he will enter your name on a "new patient waitlist" to receive priority booking when we re-open to new patients next year. 


30 Minute Mini Session $80
60 Minute Session $150

After Hours (if available) 30 Minute Session $100

Treatment Sessions

60 Minute Session $115
90 Minute Session $150

After Hours (if available) 30 Minute Session $100

Appointment Hours MST


9am-2:15pm MST


9am-2:15pm MST


9am-5pm MST

Thursday OR Friday

9am-2:15pm MST

Please note that Wednesdays will be reducing in length of the day into the Fall. Approaching the winter of 22/23, Wednesdays will be from 9am-4pm. The schedule will be changing as of January 2023. Stay tuned.

As of June 1, 2022, Dr. Patty will no longer be squeezing patients in. The demand has become overwhelming, and while she would like to make room for everyone, she does in fact deal with the same underlying conditions and is also full-time mom after the hours listed. Many have been fit in somewhere or squeezed in, but this does take great manipulation of schedules and childcare. We will allow after hours appointments in a limited capacity only, at an additional cost. Please contact Tom at to check for availability.

Visit our blog or podcast for more EDS educational material. 

**Our 30 minute "Mini Session" can be used to ask just a few specific questions you may have, or to see if we may be a good fit for more extensive needs that would require longer appointment times in the future.

If you are calling in from outside of Colorado, please fill out this form and email it back to us at before your appointment time.

Please read our cancellation policy here.

We do not take insurance. Our services are cash based. A superbill can be requested after your appointment, but this is not guarantee of reimbursement.

EDS Consultation Information

What is involved in an EDS Consultation?

          These appointments are perfect for those new to the hEDS diagnosis and the associated conditions that may go along with it, or for those looking for answers they may not be able to get out of their current medical team. This appointment will cover the basics of EDS topics and help provide you with a better understanding of the disorder, associated conditions, and the recommendations for management. You may bring questions and ask whatever you'd like, or we can explore your issues together. Use this time how you feel will be the most beneficial to you.

While some patients visit us once for some answered questions, we encourage the individual to consider that the path to healing and wellness when dealing with a chronic condition consists of consistent effort, communication, and problem solving until the individual finds a better, more stable baseline of health. For those more chronically involved, this can range anywhere from12-24 months of exploration in multiple avenues of health and wellness in the individual's personal health plan. Dr. Patty is able to offer a good deal of holistic, self care strategies and ideas for management that evolve as the patient begins to make positive changes. What this typically looks like are 1-2 appointments for the first 1-2 months that begins to spread out in time to an appointment every 6 weeks or 2 months with long term strategies and plans to implement between appointments. We prefer to build a relationship with our clients through management rather than spot treatment; communication, progression, and problem solving are keys to success. 

          Here are some frequent topics we discuss within our consultation appointments:

  • Education of hEDS, MCAS, and Dysautonomia

  • Exploring what issue is causing the majority of your symptoms

  • Exploring neurological comorbidities with underlying hypermobility including craniocervical instability, CSF leaks, Tethered Cord Syndrome, etc.

  • Investigating the presence of MALS in-clinic, and potential treatment strategies.

  • Understanding systemic inflammation

  • Dysautonomia symptoms and natural treatment strategies

  • Exploring mast cell triggers

  • Exploring toxin, bacterial, or viral exposure that may exacerbate mast cell and neurological issues

  • Understanding gastrointestinal motility issues

  • Exploration of diet approaches and food sensitivities

  • Pain education

  • A review of your current physical therapy or activity plan

  • Safe return to activity (see our coaching page for coaching EDS clients and athletes back to higher levels of movement)

  • Appropriate or comfortable bracing

  • Stable positions of the joints

  • Possible relocation methods for your joints

  • Managing joint pain through more natural methods

  • Stress reduction methods

  • Making sense of a plan for care with multiple providers and diagnoses

  • Our 6 session package to use in 6 months is created to help those committed to making big changes in their health. This can be used as frequently as the client wants, or once a month to chip away at health concerns and create a plan for long term health. (We offer detox programs as well beginning January 4, 2021 for those intersted in deeper dives into health with larger commitments to health changes.) 

What is not involved in an EDS Consultation?

  • Medication outside of natural supplementation will not be discussed. All medications must be managed through your physician health care team.

  • Standard Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services we typically think of as going in 1-2 times a week (see our Manual Treatment section below for information on what type of treatments are offered in our clinic). We can review your current plan of care that you have with your therapist, but we do not recommend our services for standard orthopedic treatment unless your current treatment is not working. This is especially important if it needs to be a consistent process for you, with close supervision by a therapist. Our orthopedic treatments tend to occur about once a month with more focus on long term management strategies. We are happy to work with your therapist and discuss your case if you are having issues and are a current client of our practice as well. 

In Office Or Via Tele-Appointment?

          We offer appointments both in clinic and via tele-appointment. To look for available times by type of appointment, click on "book now". 

          If you are unable to attend your in-office appointment and are not able to cancel in timely manner to avoid a cancellation or no-show fee, we highly suggest you use the tele-appointment feature. Please e-mail us at as soon as possible to change the type of appointment.

          Our tele-appointments are done via video calls through our secure medical records system. When you schedule an appointment, be sure to schedule a virtual appointment and our system will confirm the appointment with a video link in an email confirmation. We do our best to contact you at your appointment time through our video feature, but when dealing with multiple appointments throughout the day, a short delay may be possible. If you prefer to not have the video feature, please set up with the virtual option and email us at to let us know you would like a phone call only, provide your name and appointment time, and we will email back with confirmation.

Are you calling from outside the US or are unable to find a time that works with your schedule for a tele-appointment? Please email us at and let's see what we can do for you!

EDS Manual Treatment Information

Dr. Patty spent over 15 years specializing in orthopedics, treating those with EDS. She clinically and personally understands that most dealing with this condition will eventually come to a time in their lives that they need more than the standard care provided by our physical therapist, even when our practitioner may be doing a wonderful job. Dr. Patty has spent the past decade exploring areas of care that may be beneficial to the conditions associated with EDS. She has been and will be working to "fill the gaps" of the needs of those with EDS. Below are some current and soon to be added therapies available in our manual sessions.

  • Neuromyofascial techniques to gently release tension without impacting local joint stability

  • Autonomic based interventions to work on the Nervous System and/or Dysautonomia through gentle strain counter strain techniques or other specific techniques targeted at the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Upper Cervical Instability management (treatment approaches vary depending on what may de driving or exacerbating the instability for the individual) may include the following: neural releases of the cervical and cranial nerves as needed, craniofacial techniques, dural tissue interventions primarily focusing on the brain and spinal cord, addressing cranial base compression if present; addressing pelvic instability or sacral/tailbone issues that are so commonly present in some, neural releases into the lower spine and limbs if tethered cord may be suspected

  • Visceral Manipulation (gentle organ work to optimize organ function and positioning) - this can help with overall alignment issues and/or functional GI problems for some

  • Visceral and neural work along with spinal alignment in support of MALS presentation

  • Neural Manipulation (manual work directed toward specific intervention for the nerves and dura of the brain and spinal cord) to reduce neurological tension and nerve sensitivity

  • Holistic approaches to physical therapy manual interventions (an example would be those that orthopedic physical therapy with standard treatment has not helped out, multiple orthopedic conditions that wax and wane together, difficult to locate true causes of symptoms, and long term postural and mal-alignment issues from imbalances over the years)

  • Craniosacral Therapy if, and when, appropriate

  • Diaphragm and breathing interventions

  • Cranial Electrotherapy (used in anxiety, depression, and insomnia; used in our practice when addressing the autonomic system) with units available for rental or purchase for home use

  • Heart Rate Variability Training to addressed Autonomic System balance and regulation with available HeartMath units to rent or purchase for home use

  • Biofeedback to measure or track Autonomic Function including heart rate, heart rate variability, sweat response, and temperature changes in the body; this can also be used as a treatment strategy as well within clinic

  • Reiki (energy work to calm the autonomic system)

  • Upper Cervical Proprioception Training with our head laser pointer system as needed

  • Vestibular and Oculomotor Investigation and Therapy - beneficial for our EDS clients that have a history of craniocervical instability that has worked out of the more acute pain phase, chronic neck pain, post concussive symptoms, and vestibular symptoms.

Any of these therapies can be used within a holistic manual therapy session. You, as a client, can chose which you feel you may want to try, bring a doctor's referral for treatment, or ask Dr. Patty for recommendations. When arriving as a new client to establish care within our office, it is recommended to make a 90 minute first appointment for holistic body work as a discussion and evaluations are common to perform before starting actual hands-on treatment. For more information on our services, please visit our Holistic Body Work Info page.

Looking for something or someone else? Visit our EDS providers page to see if there is another good fit for you!


In addition to the services discussed on this website, Patricia Stott is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to offer Pastoral Science & Medicine services (PS&M). PS&M services are not state licensed or regulated by the state and do not include the diagnosis or treatment of disease nor the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs or controlled substances.

Learn more about Pastoral Science & Medicine Services here.

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