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Treatment Sessions

Our treatment sessions are rooted in an orthopedic Physical Therapy background with a focus on evaluating the body as a whole, including the Nervous System and organs. While we very much value the complaints of the individual within our clinic, we listen to the messages of the body as well, and combine this into session strategies for a more wholistic treatment approach.

Treatment Session Pricing
60 minutes $150
75 minutes $175

Dr. Patty's Appointment Hours MST

Monday (virtual)

9am-2:15pm MST


9am-2:15pm MST


9am-2:15pm MST


9am-2:15pm MST

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Manual Therapy

Our treatment sessions are primarily manual therapy based with an extensive background in standard orthopedic physical therapy approaches combined with education in visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, craniosacral therapy, strategies to calm the autonomic nervous system, and myofascial techniques. The type of manual techniques needed for each patient is determined by the exploring the body's fascial system and organ function through whole body listening methods.

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We do not take insurance. Our services are cash based. A superbill can be requested after your appointment, but this is not guarantee of reimbursement.

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