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EDS Referral Network

Provided below are our recommendations on practitioners we use for our clients and recommend to others. You will find a selection of different practices, both in our local Denver area and those available for telemedicine appointments. Please stay tuned as we are just developing this list and it will continue to grow...

Comprehensive Care
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Denver Metro Area

Center For Multisystem Disease

Dr. Jill Schofield

8101 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80230

Phone: 303-366-6633


Cash based services for patient-centered care

The Center for Multisystem Disease aims to provide comprehensive care to patients with these conditions.  If you have felt like no one understands your illness or if you have been told there is nothing wrong with you or that your symptoms are "all in your head," you are not alone.  At the Center for Multisystem Disease, you will find a community of other patients suffering from the same conditions, who have walked a similar road and who understand exactly what you are experiencing.  Your symptoms will not be discounted and we work hard to determine if there are important underlying causes related to your condition with the goal of targeting the underlying disorders, rather than just targeting each symptom with "bandaid" therapies and teaching you how to cope.


New Day Dentistry

Dr. Jamie Suman, DDS

11310 Huron Street, Suite 210
Northglenn, CO 80234
Phone: 303-428-8560


Denver Metro Area

High Res JPG.jpg
Paldeep Atwal003.JPG

The Atwal Clinic

Dr. Paldeep Atwal

4110 Southpoint Blvd, Suite 118, Jacksonville,

FL, 32216 

Phone: 904-364-9985



Social Media: @AtwalClinic (Twitter), Facebook-

About Dr. Atwal and his work:

     Dr. Atwal is a board-certified clinical and medical biochemical geneticist and director of Atwal Clinic for Genomic & Personalized Medicine, a concierge genetics clinic. Previously he served as Medical Director for the Individualized Medicine Clinic at Mayo Clinic FL on the Jacksonville campus. He received his medical degree from the University of Glasgow, and initially trained in hospital internal medicine with The Royal College of Physicians at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland. He completed his genetics fellowship at Stanford University in Palo Alto CA and subspecialty biochemical genetics fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston TX where he was involved in developing a clinical metabolomic profiling test. He holds diplomas in structural molecular biology and forensic medical science and an MBA specializing in healthcare administration.
     He has a long-standing interest in rare and undiagnosed disease including the use of multiple concurrent –omics platforms to provide a diagnosis to patients. He conducts translational, (from patient to laboratory to patient) research with the goal of discovering new genetic syndromes and designing new therapies for genetic disease. 
     Dr. Atwal’s clinical interests include clinical genomics, undiagnosed diseases following lengthy diagnostic odysseys and inborn errors of metabolism including mitochondrial diseases. Through his work, he co-led the discovery of biparental mitochondrial inheritance in humans, discovered two new genetic connective tissue syndromes that results from defects in the FLNA & AEBP1 genes, co-developed an untargeted metabolic screening test for inborn errors of metabolism, and published extensively on human genetics, with over 60 peer-reviewed publications to date.
     Dr. Atwal’s awards include the 2014-2015 ACMG Foundation/Genzyme Fellowship in Biochemical Genetics Award and The Neurobiology of Disease in Children Young Investigator Award.


Telehealth (unlimited)

Holistic Health
S1920x1080_amberwalker (13 of 28)cropped

Origin Wellness

Dr. Amber Walker PT, DPT, CFMP, CNPT

15045 68th Place, Arvada CO 80007

Phone: (970) 617-6332



Social Media: @originwellnesscolorado on instagram; facebook page is:

About Dr. Walker and her work:

     Amber Walker, PT, DPT, CFMP, CNPT is a physical therapist who is passionate about public health and the chronic illness patient community. Once completely sidelined by the perfect storm of health conditions, she attributes her healing to a combined functional medicine and naturopathic approach. Amber has certifications in functional medicine, nutrition and dry needling, and advanced training in CranioBiotic Technique and nervous system re-training. She is trained in the Safe & Sound Protocol, which integrates auditory therapy into systemic healing according to principles from the polyvagal theory. With over a decade of experience working with patients in the US and abroad, Amber is particularly passionate about working with patients who have mast cell activation syndrome, biotoxin illness from mold exposure, dysautonomia, EDS, hereditary angioedema and chronic mysterious ailments. Amber is excited to share tools to empower patients to heal from root issues so that they can return to what they love.  Amber is the author of "Mast Cells United: A Holistic Approach to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome" published in 2019.  She works with patients in her Denver, Colorado clinic as well as via Telehealth sessions.

Denver Metro Area/

Telehealth (unlimited)

Mental Health

Rise Wellness Center

Mairead Jacobs-Dougherty


Phone: 720-649-0557



Social Media: @therisewellnesscenter (instagram)

About Mairead and her work:

Mairead Jacobs Dougherty, MA, R-DMT, of Rise Wellness Center is a therapist who specializes in working with chronic illness and disabilities. Mairead knows how important it is for individuals to have a counselor who “ just gets it” and can offer a unique perspective from her own experience as someone living with a chronic illness. She offers counseling services for both children and adults, using body-based therapy techniques that are accessible and trauma-informed. Mairead works to dismantle ableism and help individuals learn to cope with their circumstances and heal medical trauma. Somatic therapy can support individuals in regulating their nervous systems, working with unprocessed material, improving relationships, and locating their sense of meaning and empowerment.  


Telehealth (In-state telehealth only at this time)

Pelvic Floor Health
WM logo v1 copy (2).png

Womb Matters PLLC

Beth Anne Fisher 



Phone: 303-620-6699  (phone or text)



Social Media: Instagram - @wombmatters / FB biz page: @yourwombmatters

About Beth Anne and her work:

Beth Anne Fisher PT, DPT. CSCS. WHC supports individuals in female bodies who experience themselves as highly sensitive people, to heal their abdominal-pelvic-based challenges.  She holds space for pelvic healing using an integrated approach that spans her training in conventional pelvic health practices to nervous system regulation tools to holistic healing training including osteopathic manual therapies, maya abdominal therapy, and gentle energetic healing practices as appropriate and desired.  She invites individuals into a process that is collaborative, caring (note: gentle - causing pain is not a solution in my manual therapy practices), and consent-oriented.  In essence, she works with people, not parts.  People see Beth Anne to address such conditions as pelvic floor dysfunction, painful periods, optimal natural fertility, prolapse challenges, endometriosis, bladder leaking, painful intercourse, and others.  She works best with people who are interested in what the messages in their pelvis might hold for their healing path in body, mind, and soul.    

Denver Metro Area Locally/


Telehealth (In-state telehealth only at this time)

Physical Therapy/CCI Rehab Consultant

South Carolina

Telehealth (unlimited)

EDS Hypermobility Consulting PT, LLC

Susan Chalela


Location: 125 River Landing Dr.  Suite 103 Daniel Island, SC 29492

Phone: 301-704-7888


Website: in progress, stay tuned

Social Media: in progress, stay tuned

About Susan and her work:

Susan is a Physical Therapist who specializes in working with patients with EDS/HSD, CCI, ME/CSF.  Her program specializes in neuroplasticity and proprioception through use of biofeedback in finding functional foundations that promote functional alignment in turn promoting function movement. Susan is able to provide tele-appointments to those who need to discuss CCI issues and may not have immediate access to a specialist in their local area.

Sexual Integrative Health

Mala Madrone

Northern New Mexico



Social Media: instagram @malamadrone

About Mala Madrone and her work:

     Mala creates a safe container for fear and shame to intermingle with self-love and eros. She helps people love the exiled pieces of themselves to experience a life rich with presence and passion. Mala works with sexually integrated healing as a pathway to deep intimacy with oneself and in partnership. She works with people of all genders.

Northern New Mexico

Telehealth Unlimited

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