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Corporate Wellness Education

Companies need care, too! Allow us to come visit you during your next lunch break or personal development time. We can deliver informational talks on a variety of topics ranging from movement to nutrition, stress reduction to optimizing performance. Send us an email to book your next interactive session.

Running Education

From Running Form Workshops to group sessions regarding health and wellness strategies for our runners, we will cover all of our runners' needs through educational-based approaches. Looking for more specific, personalized running related care? You can visit Tom at Elevation Running.

EDS Wellness Group Education

Our educational sessions for EDS will cover a variety of topics in health and lifestyle management for those with EDS and associated conditions. Typical session will be 45 minutes of educational material followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Our group sessions allow us to provide information and personalized approach through the Q&A, keeping our fees low in a group session format. Sessions will be from the Spring to the Fall to hopefully avoid poor weather.

Health and Wellness Education

Spend some time talking about any and everything health and wellness. You pick the topic, and we will provide the information. Come meet us out in our Red Rocks location or have us come to you! As our schedule allows, we will present on a multitude of topics.

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EDS Wellness
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