levation RUNNING

Frequently Asked Questions for our Running Retreat

What is included in the cost of the retreat?

We have divided up our fees into a down payment or lodging fee and programming fee. The lodging cost is considered your down payment and will be required immediately to reserve your room. The costs can be found on our lodging page and our programming cost can be found on our general information page. Our programming fees cover all but our optional massage or Reiki time in our itinerary and includes food provided: breakfast, lunch, and dinner when scheduled along with a few snacks.

What is your payment schedule?

The cost of the room is your down payment and is required immediately to reserve your spot at the retreat. You can pay your programming fee early, before January 1, 2021 to save 10% on the programming fee only. Programming fees are due in full by April 1,2021. If reservations are available and made after this date, payment will be made in full including lodging and programming. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We do understand that emergencies may come up for some of our participants, but we must also consider the fees to keep this retreat up and running. If you are able to find another participant to take your spot, all of your costs you have already paid for will be refunded in full. If you are unable to find a participant to take your place, we offer partial refunds depending on what has been paid and the time period canceled leading up to the retreat. Please contact us on an individual basis to determine the best route for your cancellation. 

How fast do I have to be?

This retreat is intended for runners of all experience levels and speed. Whether you just started running and want to start with a healthy approach, or you are working to PR as a seasoned runner, this retreat will help you find a healthier, longer lasting path to your running success. We have three coaches out on our runs daily to ensure everyone is looked out for on the runs. Our workshops are beneficial for runners of all levels as well; some are even individualized to the runner.

I want to bring a group, is that possible?

We suggest groups make reservations early to book the lodging most appropriate for your trip. The Q has an open style sleeping arrangement and can be reserved for a group of up to 5 people. The Ranch House has private sleeping areas, but is a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath lodge that can accommodate a groups of friends as well. For more lodging options, please visit our lodging page.

I do not want to share a space, what can I do?

We do encouraging sharing of spaces, but also very much understand the need for quiet for some of us on retreat. There are a few options available to find space here alone. All lodging options are listed with a "Whole Rental" price in which one person can rent the whole space. The Straw Bale Casita and Campers are also private sleeping areas. You can also look for off site lodging as we offer 5 programming only spots for those interested. 

I want to save money and share a space, but I am coming solo. What are my options?

Please email us right away at elevationrunning@gmail.com to put an inquiry in on sharing space. If we find a suitable match for your sharing request, we will let you know asap. If our Q lodging has not been reserved by a group, this can also be reserved per bed as a sharing space.

I want to attend, but do not want lodging. Do you have options?

Whether you have friends in the area, are relatively local, or have environmental sensitivities and would prefer to find your own lodging, we do offer 5 programming only reservations. Please just email us if this is an option you would like.

Can I bring my significant other?

All guests staying at our retreat must be registered in our programming. We have many king and queen beds available for lodging and the cost is per bed, not per person. When reserving for a couple, the down payment will be accepted for the lodging requested, followed by two separate programming fees.

Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the retreat. There are nearby places to board pets if needed, just email us to request this information.

Do you accommodate food sensitivities?

We are very food-aware and because of this, while we will always try to accommodate, there are some circumstances that are not feasible or safe for our retreat. We cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not happen in regards to any food allergens. There are a few of our lodging options with a kitchenette or full kitchen for those that may need to bring more food options for their own personal use. Our meals will be plant-based meaning they are dairy free, vegan. We will also have gluten free options available at each meal. Please email us as soon as possible to let us know of any dietary concerns and we will work on figuring out what sort of accommodations we may be able to provide. There will be no discount in programming with food sensitivities as we will always try to accommodate in any way possible.

Does the retreat have wifi?

We hope you take this time to turn off the electronics and reconnect with yourself and some peace and quiet. We also understand that as adults, we have commitments. Cell phone service can be unreliable, but wifi is available in the Main House and the Q.