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- How about Golovko himself? I quipped.

- Not for himself, but Oleg’s boss eats from his hands and wags his tail. And he is not allowed to vote Goodman Erfahrungen.

We drove past dacha cooperatives and drove along the Volga. After the third camp site, the road turned down. A view of the most beautiful backwater with several islands in the greenery of trees and bushes opened up. On the shore, behind a concrete fence, stretched out a village of eight to ten cottages.

We drove up to the red gate and honked. A minute later, the gate began to slowly open.

Immediately behind them, on the side of the road, stood a red-brick house, a boiler room and a gatehouse together.

A tall man sat on the steps with a remote control. Igor waved to him:

- Hello, Mikhalych!

He waved back.


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