Elevation Wellness Office Location

Suite 215

12500 West 58th Ave

Arvada, CO 80002

Parking spot #1 on the backside of the building is for guests of Elevation Wellness. Please use this spot if it is available when you arrive. Be mindful of the signs at the head of each parking space in the lot as there are restrictions. 

We also see patients via tele appointments as well.

We've moved!

We are now located in a more central location in Arvada, CO. As you turn into the driveway of the main entrance, stay to the right of the parking lot and look for a spot to park in without restrictions. We are located above Bada Bing restaurant, so parking nearby may result in less of a trek into the office space. As you enter the building at the restaurant side, the elevator is to your left. Take this up to the second floor and we will be just around the corner at suite 215. If the door is closed, we are most likely with a client and you can take a seat in a chair in front of the office. There is also a waiting room down the hallway. We will be sure to find you if you are waiting in one of those two spots.


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