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A Letter to Our Functional Medicine Clients

To those looking to change their lives: 

The simple fact that you are reading this letter means that you are looking to be a part of your own care, something more natural, and something that will influence your overall health. At Elevation Wellness, we want the best for our clients, the best outcomes, the best future life. We want to work with you and make big changes. 


The path we want to take you on will be life changing and well worth it, but it will come with its own set of challenges. The sole reason we are in this field is to change lives, not to take money from those who aren’t ready. If it doesn’t seem like the changes would be possible to commit to, DO NOT GIVE UP. Figure out how to make time for you and let us know when you are ready. We want to help you. So, please, read on to see if this is the right fit for you now.


Functional medicine is life changing, which means you will have to make those changes on a daily basis. The process should be slow and planned out, and we will help you with that. Here is what we ask of those ready to commit:


  1. Be willing to make changes to your diet and allow time for cooking (nothing fancy if you don’t want). For those that have difficulty with chronic fatigue, where standing daily to cook is taxing, be sure you have family members onboard with our plan, willing to help out.

  2. Be open to our suggestions on rest and relaxation. Some of it may make your eyes roll, but we will figure out what works best for you. In the end, you will most likely end up loving it.

  3. Be available for consistent daily exercise depending on what your body needs. (The more involved our client, the more likely they will be doing daily exercise, but it may start at 5 minutes, and we will guide you to the right combination for you).

  4. Be ok with making big and life-altering changes. Depending on stress and your state of health, we may need to talk about hours at work, relationship issues, etc. 

  5. Be patient. The road to health usually takes many months and, for our more involved clients, 12-18 months can be the minimum to feel more “normal”. That doesn’t mean you won’t be making changes before then, but we don’t want a plateau, we want to find your health apex!

  6. Find support if you can. We have many that find support for life changes is very difficult in the home as others may not want to participate with you. This is a road block for many, especially with diet and exercise because of family time constraints. Have a nearby friend that would maybe adopt some of the changes with you? If not, finding an on-line support group or looking into our 3- and 6-month packages may be more appropriate. We will support you as much as we can, but having someone you can reach out to more often or in-person with is so very important.

  7. GET EXCITED. You should be super pumped up, and we are so excited you are with us. We’re going to figure this out with you. We want you to feel amazing again!


You know the old saying, “You can’t care for someone else unless you first take care of yourself.” We are with our bodies a long time; let’s learn to work with them instead of having them fight against us. Let us help you find the best version of yourself!


We hope you’ll let us be part of this journey.


Elevation Wellness

Dr. Patricia Stott

Thomas Stott

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