Elevation Wellness Detox Programs

We specialize in working with those with difficulty detoxifying the system due to other health conditions, genetic detoxification issues, exposure to mold and/or metals, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes with compromised extracellular matrixes. 

Our approach is different with more complicated systems and compromised health that may not respond well to traditional detoxificaiton strategies. We encourage you to read our blog post on ...... here to learn more about our treatment strategy and reasoning.

Because of our one-on-one approach, the 6 month program will have a limit of 10 clients at a time. We will offer a wait list and offer spots as they open up. Our program begins January 4, 2021. The participant must be ready for a 6 month intensive program including diet and lifestyle changes as needed, supplementation in a healthy and holistic fashion to support the system, and other health support to ensure progression towards improved baseline of health. Read on to see what is included in our program.

What is included in the 6 month program cost?

The 6 month program includes the cost of testing for molds and toxins, and consistent appointments monthly as follows:

  • Month One: Mold and Mycotoxin testing and a Metals testing kit sent to your home, returned by you with postage provided by the lab. Our detoxificaiton guide and treatment strategy packet to further understand the journey you are on. Two 1 hour appointments via telehealth or in person.

  • Month Two: Two 1 hour appointments via telehealth or in person.

  • Month Three: Two 1 hour appointments via telehealth or in person.

  • Month Four: One 1 hour appointment, 1 30 minute appointment via telehealth or in person.

  • Month Five: One 1 hour appointment, 1 30 minute appointment via telehealth or in person.

  • Month Six: One 1 hour appointment, 1 30 minute appointment via telehealth or in person.

What is NOT included in the 6 month program cost?

The cost of supplements and other detox strategies such as massage or sauna use is not covered and is the responsibility of the client. This is primarily because every treatment plan is customized based on the individual's personal health situation and supplements may vary. At Elevation Wellness we attempt to minimize the use of supplements and heal the system in more natural fashions first. If supplements are needed, we always look towards food options or herbs that work as effectively as supplements. Common compounded supplements can easily overload fragile or overreactive systems with fillers or without prepping the system efficiently. We do not work with supplementation companies for profit. We may be able to offer suggestions if supplements are recommended, but it will be the responsibility of the client to find an option that works for their situation and budget. 

We do not answer treatment questions for any of our patients via e-mail. All questions will be answered within the scheduled sessions. The questions that come up usually require a more thorough conversation to address effectively. 

Basic 6 Month Program Cost

$1550 includes 10.5 hours of one-on-one appointment time and tests to screen for myctoxins and metals. 

Local 6 Month Bonus Program Cost

$2150 includes 10.5 hours of one-on-one appointment time, tests to screen for mycotoxin and metals, and 6 (once a month) 90 minute in office appointments to address physical issues that may be limiting health gains. This includes, but is not limited to orthopedic issues, vestibular issues, visceral/organ issues, etc with a manual or investigative approach.

Sign Up

E-mail our office to inquire about a spot opening in our detox program at:  info@elevationwellness.co

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly? No. We do not offer a monthly payment option for this particular program. We need full commitment to begin as this is a very intensive program. If you are only able to afford what the monthly cost would be, we suggest setting aside this monthly cost until the program payment can be made in full.

Can I get a refund or take a break if I am unable to complete the 6 months? No. This program is intensive and set up to chip away at health issues consistently and intentionally. Taking a break or stopping the program would not ensure the best results. We are equipped to modify or work with other health practitioners on our client's health team if a health crisis comes up.

What am I going to have to do in this program? Some typical things we will address are toxin exposure through testing, investigating other uncontrolled health conditions and ways to manage them holistically, improving the detoxification system through diet, activity, and lifestyle guidance, along with recommendations for other strategies to try in your local area. The diet, activity, and lifestyle changes require a good deal of commitment and readiness for the program. Changes will be big, but are in attempt improve the overall health of our clients.


Will I be completely better in 6 months? Not always. Six months is a healthy time frame to make a good dent in some health problems. Depending on the complexity of all of the systems involved and/or what is found in the testing along with the response to detox strategies, this can be a longer road to recovery. If one-on-one care is needed, these options can be discussed before the 6 month program comes to an end.  

Will I need more testing? Sometimes people may require more testing to rule out other issues (such as bacterial, yeast, or parasitic problem in the intestines. This is not a requirement, but always an option. We include mold and metals to review some common toxins and deficiencies seen in chronic illness. Costs of other tests recommended to, or requested by the client, will be covered by the client. Some clients also like to track their progress in detox and have repeat tests done towards the end of the 6 months. If this is something the client wants to pursue, the client will be financially responsible for the tests.  

What if I have already had a molds and metals test done? If this has already been done, it will depend on where the test was done, how long ago the test was performed, and if there would be any reason to run them again (re-exposure, recent illness, etc). We like to see tests performed within 6 months of starting within our program, or as soon as possible to the start date. If you have had these done recently by other doctors and are looking for more specific guidance within our program for treatment, we will happily omit the cost of the tests from our price for the program. Please reach out via email to discuss if this is a possibility for you.